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A decade of research has revealed the most effective, safe, and natural way to soothe dry irritated skin...

Nature's Mist®

Face of the Water™

Directions for Application

  1. Hold the Nature's Mist bottle 8-10 inches away from face.
  2. Depress pump with finger to release mist.
  3. Mist several times to create a microclimate of natural, pure moisture around skin.
  4. If the mist on your skin begins to drip, the bottle is too close.
  5. For facial misting, tilt your chin up and move the bottle each time the pump is pressed, creating a circle around your face. Mist 6-8 times.
  6. Inhale the mist to obtain the full, natural benefit to breathing passages.
   Apply Nature's Mist Face of the Water before and after facial and skin cleansing and immediately before applying lotions, cosmetics, sunscreen and/or topical medications.

   Apply Nature's Mist Face of the Water as often as needed throughout the day, whenever skin feels dry, itchy or to rejuvenate faded cosmetic colors. See "FAQ"

   Nature's Mist Face of the Water can be safely used with any skin care products. See "FAQ"
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The only company, globally, specializing in all-natural water for medical and pharmaceutical application.

Randy Kieling