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Rogue Valley Natural Springs, Inc.

We are proud that Rogue Valley Natural Springs, Inc., bottlers of NATURE'S MIST®/Out of Oregon™ natural spring water, is the world's first water company to specialize in skin care education and water for the human skin. Your skin's beauty and health are our devotion and reason for being. We hope this Web Page will help you understand the uniqueness of NATURE'S MIST® natural spring water moisturizer and the importance of the NATURE'S MIST® application method for dry skin, dry eyes, health and beauty.

Bringing NATURE'S MIST®, and the NATURE'S MIST® Natural Moisturizing Method to the world, fulfills a decade of scientific research, planning and market testing. Our marketing has attempted to reflect the beauty and uniqueness of our product emphasizing, above all, education and respect for the diversity of our customers...and for the Earth.

The Rogue Valley Natural Springs, Inc., bottled water company was founded in Southern Oregon by Sharon Kleyne in 1989 at the site of the NATURE'S MIST® spring, 250 miles from Portland and 80 miles from Crater Lake National Park. The original water mill and bottled water facility was housed in a horse stable constructed in 1979 using 12x12 beams taken from a turn-of-the- century sawmill dismantled in Oakridge, Oregon. The water company's current bottling plant and corporate headquarters remain near the spring site, five miles outside of the All American City of Grants Pass, Oregon, on the banks of the famed Rogue River, in a bowl surrounded by pasture, hay fields and the ancient and complex Siskiyou Mountains (See "The NATURE'S MIST® Spring).

The NATURE'S MIST spring, an emerging natural aquifer of exceptional purity, and the adjacent bottled water plant, lie within a two hour drive of the Cascade Mountains, the California redwoods, Crater Lake National Park, Mt. Shasta, the Oregon Coast and the mysterious and remote Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

A philosophical commitment.

During Sharon Kleyne's decade of research into NATURE'S MIST® spring water and the importance of water to human skin, she realized several spiritual truths. One is that life on Earth originated in water and always begins in water, the source of all life. Another is that water is as crucial to the skin of the Earth as to the skin of the body. Whether you view water in the strictest physical sense or the broadest allegorical sense; pure, fresh water on giving and a precious, poorly understood and often threatened commodity.

For Sharon, there can be no higher calling than to educate the public about skin and the Earth's water. If people can be taught to love and appreciate their skin and bodies...and to understand the skin's two most basic requirements of cleanliness and hydration...then perhaps they will also learn to love and appreciate skin of the Earth and the spirituality of the mist.

The NATURE'S MIST® TV infomercial.

To educate the public on skin care and help make our product available worldwide, NATURE'S MIST® has produced "The Face of the Water," a 30 minute TV infomercial. Filmed in New York, Portland and southern Oregon's Rogue River Valley near the All American City of Grants Pass, the show features a special gift set offer, product demonstrations and unscripted testimonials by customers, experts and the Founder. The show explains how NATURE'S MIST® natural spring water moisturizer for dry skin and dry eyes improves the skin's appearance, how the moisturizer mist can be used with any other skin care product including cosmetics and sun blocks, and how it revives faded cosmetic colors all day long.

The "Woman of the Water™."

The colorful "Woman of the Water™" design on our Gift Set package and counter displays, depicts the beautiful Rogue River Valley and nearby Siskiyou Mountains. It symbolizes our faith in the NATURE'S MIST® spring and the ability of Earth's aquifers (ground water systems) to care for its inhabitants naturally and without pollution or exploitation.

The NATURE'S MIST® Founder sees the "Woman of the Water™" as an ageless the sense of a virgin forest...pure and unspoiled. The woman pours NATURE'S MIST®, Oregon's rejuvenating "Face of the Water™," from a hidden, underground river (aquifer) onto the face of a globe cradled gently in her hands. Behind her, the sun rises on the Siskiyou Mountains and the nearby Cascade Mountains, while many of Southern Oregon's rarest and most beautiful plants surround her.

Our wish is that the gift box, like our NATURE'S MIST® spring water, will uplift the spirit. Customers can use the package, with insert removed, to send a gift to someone they love...and ask them to pass the box along, with another gift, to someone else they love.

Investor Relations.

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Call or e-mail us.

If you have questions about NATURE'S MIST® natural spring bottled water product or about your skin or cosmetics, or you would like to share how NATURE'S MIST® has helped you, please call our corporate headquarters in Grants Pass, Oregon at 1-800-FOR-MIST. Or E-Mail the Founder personally.

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