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The Face of the Water
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There is a Water on Earth...

A Breakthrough in Moisturizing for Skin and Eyes

Directions of Application

"I believe that life on Earth begins with pure, natural water. Water is important to the Earth and just as important for younger looking skin. I invite you to explore our website and discover the natural moisturizing of NATURE'S MIST® earth's spaŠ. For natural health and natural beauty, to look younger no matter what your age or skin type, the mist makes a difference.

Try it. You are worth it."

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Sharon Kleyne,
Founder, Chairman
Director of Research
"As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, I have observed the importance of natural water to skin health. Before I discovered NATURE'S MIST®, there was no water that physicians could endorse as a natural skin moisturizer with safety and confidence. I recommend this natural spring water to patients who have undergone facial surgery, cosmetic peels, facial peels and laser treatments. They have reported that NATURE'S MIST® keeps skin younger looking and improves acne, dry skin and other medical problems. The water is laboratory tested and well documented."(See Medical Applications )
Dr. Stephen Gugenheim,
Facial Plastic Surgeon
Medical Research Coordinator

Directions of Application
NATURE'S MIST® earth's spaŠ

Earth's spa-in-a-bottle for dry skin and eyes.
Natural water moisturizer.

  The Essence  
  of simplicity  

  • 1. Hold the bottle facing your complexion, 8 to 10 inches away.
  • 2. Depress pump with finger to release mist.
  • 3. Mist several times to create a microclimate of moisture around your skin and eyes.
  • 4. If the mist on your skin begins to drip, you're holding the bottle too close.
  • 5. For facial misting, tilt your chin up and move the bottle as you mist, making a circle around your face. Mist 6 to 8 times.
  • 6. Inhale the mist to obtain the full, natural benefit to breathing passages.
  • 7. Keeping your eyes opened as you mist is especially important for if you have dry eyes or wear contact lenses.
  • 8. Use on face, eyes, hair, body, elbows, feet, hands, chest and neck to help your skin stay firm and look younger.
  • 9. Apply as often as necessary throughout the day, whenever skin or eyes feel dry.
  • 10.NATURE'S MIST® may be safely used in addition to any skin care products, moisturizers or eye care products you currently use. For natural wellness, natural beauty and wrinkle reduction, apply NATURE'S MIST® before facial cleansing and skin cleansing, and before applying lotions, skin cleansers, cosmetics or topical medications.
  • 11.NATURE'S MIST® instantly restores cosmetic colors all day long!


Earth's Mist...Simple and Wonderful

For Dry Skin and Dry Eyes

NATURE'S MIST® is a rare, pH-correct spring water therapy for human skin and eyes.
NATURE'S MIST® application naturally replaces lost skin and eye moisture no matter what skin cleansers, skin care products or cosmetic products you use.
NATURE'S MIST® restores cosmetic colors all day long.
NATURE'S MIST® is easily applied, wherever you are, as often as necessary to help your skin look younger.
NATURE'S MIST® is laboratory tested, bacterially safe, un-manufactured and non-allergenic. It contains no additives, preservatives or propellants.
NATURE'S MIST® is the first and only product of its kind in the world for natural beauty and natural wellness.
NATURE'S MIST® to diminish fine lines and reduce wrinkles. For skin that is soft and supple with the dew of youth.

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