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Skin Functioning and Dehydration

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The Face of the Water.

At NATURE'S MIST®, we recognize a link between "water," "face" and life on earth, both on a physical and a symbolic level. Water enables life on Earth to interface with its environment. Without water, plants cannot absorb nutrition from the soil or extract oxygen from the air. That's why we mist our houseplants.

When the ancients desired to reflect on their own faces, they looked into the water. They knew the face was the gateway to the inner body and inner spiritual being. When the human body fails to thrive, it is reflected first in the face and eyes. There is a discipline called "Iridology," whose practitioners claim to read your blood pressure, the state of your organs, your stress level and your overall health and wellness from the irises in your eyes.

Humans are born in water. Like the Earth, the skin of the human face and body requires water to maintain health and wellness and to interface with its internal and external environments. Food, ingested through the face, cannot be digested without water, oxygen cannot be removed from air without water and the body cannot survive without water.

From the moment of birth, daily activity and environmental stresses cause your body to lose precious moisture through the skin, eyes and nasal passages. Medical practitioners call this "dehydration." While your body has defenses against dehydration (some bodies retain moisture better than others), proper watering is a daily, lifelong need.

Since most water on Earth is alkaline, your stomach is designed for mostly alkaline water. Before sending this water to your skin, your body acidifies it because skin repels alkaline water as a protection against bacteria, which prefer alkaline environments. Unfortunately, skin can lose water into the air quickly and often cannot replace it fast enough with internal water. NATURE'S MIST® pure, natural, pH correct spring water for the skin is of immense benefit in external water replacement to counteract dehydration.

When the body is healthy, the face is beautiful. The essential link, the interface in this process, is always water...pure, natural and pH correct.

A decade of research.
The NATURE'S MIST® story originated two decades ago when Founder Sharon Kleyne, while teaching health education programs in Grants Pass, Oregon, noticed that some people retained a youthful radiance despite advancing years. With her medical and dermatology team, she began researching skin care and the aging process to discover what motivated people to live longer and look young.
    Sharon's research discovered that:
  1. Mild, natural, pH-correct water is essential to all life. In humans, this is without regard to ages, sex or skin types.
  2. The skin, especially facial skin, is your gateway to fashion and the world, and a primary indicator of health and wellness.
  3. One important secret to health, beauty and youthful appearance is to know your own skin like the back of your hand, and to understand how skin functions.
  4. The skin, which is 80% water, acts as a protective barrier to slow internal water loss (dehydration) and protect against invasion by harmful external elements.
  5. When the humidity of the air surrounding your skin drops below 70%, your skin's moisture loss increases. The result can be dry skin, dry eyes and dry mouth, all signs that something your body's hydration system is out of balance. Chronic dry skin maybe a contributing factor in the skin cancer melanoma.
  6. Daily external moisture loss starts at birth and is responsible for the appearance of skin aging, dermatitis, acne, dry skin and numerous other skin care challenges.
  7. For optimal skin health, lost moisture must be replenished both internally and externally.
  8. Human skin will not absorb most common waters because of incorrect application and an incompatible pH balance.
  9. Formulated skin care products do not add moisture but slow dehydration after the skin has been humidified with a natural, pH balanced water.

Moisture absorption.

Skin is your body's most important organ and learning how it works can save your life. Your skin slows internal water loss and acts as a barrier against harmful elements such as bacteria, pollutants and the sun's radiation. For this vital barrier to function at its best, the outer layers (epidermis and stratum corneum) must contain adequate moisture. This moisture is easily lost and must be frequently replenished. Your skin has difficulty retaining moisture when the relative humidity at its surface falls below 70%.

Skin utilizes water both from the surface and from inside your body. One skin care secret to improve dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, dermatitis, rashes, acne and other skin problems is to drink eight to 12 glasses of water daily, depending on external conditions. If not enough water is ingested by drinking, your skin can offset the shortage through external absorption, provided the external water is non-dehydrating and pH-balanced. Your skin's epidermis absorbs a substantial amount of moisture from the air, provided the humidity is OK, it's not too hot or cold, the bacterial and pollution levels are low and your skin is reasonably healthy.

External moisture is absorbed inward from the skin's top layer. External water that is too heavy for human skin may plump...even waterlog...the upper layers (epidermis and stratum corneum) but does not provide proper moisture balance and does not reach the skin's deepest levels (dermis).

Moisturizers and moisture sealers.

Many people confuse skin "moisturizers" with "moisture sealers." Both kinds of products are important to skin care to prevent dehydration The purpose of formulated cream and lotion skin care products is to seal existing moisture into your skin. While beneficial, these products do not add moisture. Moisture sealers are of greatest benefit when your skin's moisture has been naturally replenished with NATURE'S MIST® prior to applying the sealer.

Water is most beneficial to your skin when:
  1. The water is free from contaminants and excessive levels of heavy metals and minerals such as sodium, calcium and carbon, all of which can cause dry skin.
  2. The water's pH approximates the slightly acid pH balance of human skin (5.5 to 6.5).
  3. The water is oxygenated and applied as a fine mist.
  4. The water is pure, natural and free of fragrances, emollients and chemical formulations.

Knowing your skin.

Skin is your body's largest and most complex organ and its primary contact with the world. Most of the skin's water is stored in the dermis, or lowest layer, where the veins, arteries, sebaceous glands (which produce oil or lipids) and nerve endings are located. When surface conditions dry your skin, water is drawn from the dermis into the epidermis, then out the stratum corneum.

The shortest path from the surface into the dermis is through the skin's hair shafts and sweat pores. To enter this way, water must be, (a) applied as a fine mist, and (b) have a slightly acidic pH balance to penetrate the stratum corneum's acid-mantle protection barrier. NATURE'S MIST® a mild, natural sweet water that does not leave a drying film; possesses these special qualities so the natural spring water can absorb into your skin's deepest layers.

Understanding pH.

"pH" is the mathematical symbol for acidity/alkalinity. A pH of 7.00 is neutral, a pH greater than 7.00 is alkaline and a pH below 7.00 is acidic. Your skin's natural pH balance, between 5.5 and 6.5, is slightly acidic while the pH of most of Earth's water is above 7.00, making it slightly alkaline and incompatible with the pH of human skin.

Human skin is acidic because of the acid-mantle protection barrier, which protects the skin from harmful substances, including bacteria and alkaline water. Alkalinity dries the skin and bacteria thrive in alkalinity.

The pH Scale
NATURE'S MIST®   -   Most water
With a natural pH balance of 6.5, the NATURE'S MIST® natural skin care product is readily absorbed into your skin's deepest layers.

"For all ages, sexes and skin types."

Whether you are young or old, whether you have dry skin or oily skin, regardless of gender or race, NATURE'S MIST® natural spring water moisturizer treatment can help.

Aging: One cause of the appearance of aging is daily skin dehydration (our old friend dry skin), which slows blood circulation and makes skin paler, thinner and less elastic. Over time, chronic dehydration results in the appearance of fine wrinkle lines. As you age, the need for added external water increases. NATURE'S MIST® provides this essential moisture replacement.

Teenagers, on the other hand, tend to have extremely oily skin which is prone to infection. The treatment for that is also frequent moisture replacement with NATURE'S MIST® to prevent blemishes. Sebaceous glands are underactive in older people and overactive in younger people. Both conditions can be exacerbated by too little moisture in the skin and both conditions can be helped by NATURE'S MIST®.

Female/male: Caring for your skin is not vanity but a basic of good health and grooming. While women appreciate that NATURE'S MIST® works well with cosmetics and other skin care products, clear, healthy skin and a youthful appearance increases your energy level and improves your self-esteem and outlook regardless of gender (NATURE'S MIST® is excellent for razor burn).

Skin types: The need for added external water is greater in darker-skinned individuals whose skin produces more oil (lipids or sebum) than lighter-skinned individuals. Since oily skin (sebaceous gland secretions) unbalances the skin's moisture level and skin requires an 80% moisture balance to function optimally, more frequent water replacement is advisable for darker-skinned individuals.

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